Our Story

Crafty Climbing is a home-based workshop created by two incredibly passionate people. A creative couple Marcin and Karolina have started sewing chalk bags as an afternoon hobby. The company quickly gained big popularity in Poland and is getting appreciated in the climbing community worldwide.

Our original designs, funny and colorful projects are eye-catching.  You can find positive animals and monsters. Everything is furry! Along with the looks comes amazing quality – every detail matters.


When Marcin was a little kid, he used to sit on his mama's lap observing her working as a tailor. Many years later, when he became a student, he came across climbing and fell in love with it. He wanted to find an original chalk bag for himself and he couldn't. So he decided to make it by himself. That's how several bags were made.

After he finished his studies he met his love, Karolina . We got a sewing machine as a gift from our friend and Marcin wanted to make an original chalk bag for Karolina's birthday. He got so into sewing that he made not one, but a couple of chalk bags. Just for fun, we put them on the Internet to see what happens. They were immediately bought by our friends. He made some more and they disappeared equally quickly. 


The story was going like that for 3 years then demand for our chalk bags was too big for us.  After long conversatins we have decided to find great local sewing company that will help us grow and spread our chalk bags! It was a long way but we found great place and great people. Read our Facebook post here

We opened an exciting chapter and we hope that you will stay with us and see our progress!


Crafty Climbing

The logo idea was ours and the whole project was designed by Karolina. We wanted to put connect something fun with climbing and sewing. Of course climbers have really thick fingers and it is sometimes difficult to hold a little needle. Our first polish name was "Wspinacz też krawiec" which means "climber is also a tailor". You can also see a mountain shape here - it is not a coincidence!


We were awarded to be one of 30 most creative people (PL) of city Wrocław.

Intervied on Official Website of City Wrocław (Interview in ENGLISH).

Intervieved on polish mountain website Portal Górski (PL).

Invited to polish national television Daily Breakfast Show (PL) "Pytanie na śniadanie".