Our Story

Enter the Crafty world of colours

We believe that every climber has an incredible dose of creativity and our chalk bags help to highlight your unique personality. It is also a climbing friend who accompanies you in every moment of your adventures.

Our mission is to inspire you and highlight your creativity!

Our Story

Crafty Climbing was created by two incredibly passionate and creative people. Get carried away by their amazing story.

Marcin was the one to sew the first chalk bag.

When Marcin was a little kid he used to sit on his mama's lap observing her working as a tailor. Many years later, when he became a student, he came across climbing and fell in love with it. He wanted to find an original chalk bag for himself but he couldn't. The ones on the market were pale and boring. So he decided to make one by himself. That's how several bags were made.

After he finished his studies he met his love, Karolina . They got a sewing machine as a gift from their friend and Marcin wanted to make an original chalk bag for Karolina's birthday. He got into sewing so much that he made not one but a couple of chalk bags. They were immediately bought by their friends. He made some more and they were sold as quickly.

It began as an afternoon hobby.

Marcin started sewing more chalk bags and Karolina fell in love with designing new patterns. They got to the point where there have been too many orders and they had to find a solution. They decided to find a local sewing company to help them realise their dream. It took a long time and hard work to make it happen but they did it!

Crafty Climbing

is not just an another climbing brand. You can feel the passion and heart in everything we create. We are driven by spreading colours and positive energy to the climbing world.


Is an incredibly enthusiastic and positive person, always full of ideas. You can sense her creative mind and aesthetic sense when she designs new chalk bag patterns. Playing with colors and new fabrics give her great joy. Karolina loves yoga and outdoor sports like slackline, cycling, and climbing. She is one of the first Polish highliners. She feels like home with a cup of coffee and a cat on her lap.


Marcin has a spark and is the life of the party. His greatest passions are climbing and music. Lately he has fallen in love with Saxon style sandstone climbing. He plays guitar and sings in his free time. Marcin starts his day with a breakfast and a cup of espresso. You can only see him in good humor and often hear him telling jokes. He is also a great cook.

We love our inspiring climbing customers.

Climbing community is truly amazing. It is incredible for us to be a part of your climbing journey. Thanks to our chalk bags we are able to connect with you, see you pushing your limits and the routes you send. And most importantly to see your incredible adventures!
We’ve been able to do all of this because of YOU. Thank you for your incredible support and most importantly choosing our Crafty bags!


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