Hangboard Sapphire

Brand: Crafty Climbing
Shipping time: 1-3 days

Wooden hangboard Sapphire has been designed for professional home training. Train at home, train more and level up your climbing skills.

You can train on different-sized edges (16, 22, 28 mm) and also build strength on pegboard. On top edge you have three big 43 mm handles (jug buckets). With two added pegs you can change the top edge into slopers or train like on peg board. Holes without pegs can train the strength of "fakers" and "twos." In holes you can also install additional accessories - ball, rubber, TRX tape. By installing several hangboards one below the other, you can make a small campus or full-scale peg board.

  • comfortable training with various levels of difficulty
  • skin-friendly wood texture
  • 2 pegs included, cord and carabiner not included
  • in holes you can install ball, rubber, TRX
  • product made by hand with attention to detail
  • stylistics referring to precious stones
  • polish production

Weight: 850-890 grams, pins 190-210 grams

Dimensions: 395x95x43 mm


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